Lady Gladiators @ Link Campus: 7-1... no better way to start!

Lady Gladiators Link JCURoma, 7 novembre 2013 - Il commento a firma di Alessandro Sabelli (Athletics Department Coordinator) relativo alla vittoria della Jcu contro le ragazze della Link Campus. In foto le She Gladiators prima del fischio d'inizio.

There is no better way to start the season: 7 goals scored, 1 goal conceded... An astonished performance by all the girls!



The concentration was maximum in the changing room. You could only hear spur words. The concentration was maximum on the field. You could only hear the girls breathing. The will to win was in the air! Coach Paolo asked the girls to start the game with high intensity, and so it was: after 1’30” our Captain Stefani Scaletti scored the first goal with a diagonal shoot from the right. We didn’t have to wait no longer to see Maria Martynovych and then again Stefani Scaletti score two fantastic goals. The first half finished with the JCU girls leading by 4 goals! And we won’t forget to mention the perfect performance of Jacqueline Staiano “the director” of the midfield and Katya Simon “The Wall”!

The second half started like the first. After 2’ JCU scored the 5th goal. A lack of concentration and communication allowed Link to score a goal, but Coach Paolo’s words brought back the attention on the game. The cherry on cake was put by Jacqueline Staiano with a perfect free kick, with the ball curling over the barrier and going in the exact corner of the goal. The bad news was that at the end of the game Jacqueline had an injury, but after medical control we found out that she fine, but an anecdote must being said: at the Hospital Jacqueline received a call by her father:
“Hi Jacqueline, you got injured!?” “Yes Dad… But I scored! And we won!”
After the game we asked to Coach Paolo what made these girls playing with such intensity and passion and this is what he said:
“They’ve been working a lot during trainings, and today nothing went wrong, they were following my directions and everyone was doing her job, that’s how a team should work. I’ve seen a lot of passes between them and that made me so happy because we worked very hard on those! The game showed the real spirit of all the girls, today everyone was perfect.”
Reported by Alessandro Sabelli, Athletics Department Coordinator (JCU)

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